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Transmission and Severity Scorecard 

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How to use and technical notes
  1. The community transmission and severity scorecard includes five indicators, each measuring different aspects of transmission level and severity of the SARS-CoV2 virus responsible for COVID-19. Each indicator can have a value falling in one of four categories of severity: low, moderate, high and uncontrolled.

  2. Cases are reports as case counts, for simplicity purpose. The threshold between case categories were set using the following case rates.

    1. Low: less than 11 cases per week

    2. Moderate: between 12-50 cases per week

    3. High: between 51-120 cases per week

    4. Uncontrolled more than 120 cases per week

  3. All threshold between categories were set based on the best available evidence, as well as direct experience in Seward County.

  4. Items included in the Public Health System Capacity stress indicator are based on Seward County Health Department capabilities while handling COVID caseloads.

  5. The scorecard includes an index score. The value of each indicator contributes to the summary index score differently, depending on the category that the indicator is in for that week.

    1. Each indicator in the green category = 0 points

    2. Each indicator in the yellow category = 1 point

    3. Each indicator in the orange category = 2 points

    4. Each indicator in the red category = 3 points

The weekly case incidence and the percentage positive test indicators receive double score because of their great importance as indicators of transmission level. The total number of points for the index score is therefore 21 (if all the indicators are red).

  1. The index score is interpreted as follows:

    1. Score 0 = green (low)

    2. Score between 5 and 8: yellow (moderate)

    3. Score between 9 and 16: (high)

    4. Score between 17 and 21: (uncontrolled)

  2. Every Thursday the EOC will release an updated scorecard. The scorecard will be based on the values for each indicator of the previous week. The values published in the previous weeks score cared are also included for reference. For Trend in incidence, only changes of +/- 10% are counted as a trend (increase or decrease). Values are provisional and may change as information becomes available.

  3. Sources:

    1. Hospital occupancy rate: daily updates provided by Southwest Medical Center.

    2. Public Health Capacity stress: internal monitoring at the Seward County Health Department.

    3. All other indicators: Seward County Health Department COVID Counts.

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