Seward County
Emergency Management


Sunflower Safe 


Deadline for application is June 19, 2021.

Earn a rebate up to $3,500 per home, or 75% of the safe room cost; whichever is less through the Sunflower Residential Safe Room Program. This program is designed to provide a rebate for the purchase and installation of a residential safe room for Kansas homeowners.


Are You Eligible?

  • Safe room must be installed at a primary residence

  • Residence cannot be an apartment complex, duplex, or other multi-family residences.

  • Mobile homes are eligible if you own the home and the land it is located on

  • Previously installed safe rooms or safe rooms that are in the process of being built are not eligible.

  • Retrofitting or repairing an existing storm shelter to meet FEMA specifications does not qualify.

  • Homes in the floodplain with flood insurance are eligible for an above-ground safe room.

  • The safe room must be installed in Kansas.

  • You may not build or install the safe room yourself.

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