Currently in Phase 2

When will I be able to get vaccinated?

If you qualify as someone in Phase 1, the KDHE expects vaccinations for that priority group will take through January to complete, based on vaccine availability. Phase 1 of the vaccination plan is to vaccinate health care workers, workers critical to pandemic response continuity and residents or patients in long-term care, senior housing or long-term care supported independent living. The state expects it to take through January to complete Phase 1.

The KDHE on Jan. 7 updated its descriptions of phases.

Here’s the list of groups for the next phase (Phase 2) shown in the new plan, and we will announce when it's available the enrollment process for Phase 2:

  • Persons Aged 65+

  • Congregate settings (anyone living or working in licensed congregate settings and other special care or congregate environments)

  • High-contact critical workers (those providing critical services who are at a higher risk of being infected, because their jobs require consistent and close contact with a large number of individuals)

Those who are in lower-risk categories will most likely get vaccinated in late spring/early summer. These timelines are subject to change and will depend on vaccine availability. At this time,  we are currently planning for distribution of Phase 2 and will make any announcements as information is available.

Seward County so far has received vaccine through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment protocol, which designates who is able to receive the vaccine in each shipment.

Next Steps:

We expect it will take several shipments to have enough vaccine at first for all Phase 1 eligible health care workers, first respondents and public health workers, so it will be prioritized based on how employers reported risk level of employees

We recognize this is a fluid situation dependent on many factors, and we will update community members as new information comes in through this process. You can check this website for updates as more information becomes available.

Where will I receive the vaccine?

Right now, with the vaccinations doses we have received in Seward County, the state has designated them for those in Phase 1. We expect it take take several shipments to vaccinate this population. However, below is a chart showing current locations and who they are responsible for vaccinating. This information will update, as more locations and phases open up.

We are still working on plans for mass vaccination sites in the community as we receive more doses, and we will communicate that information to the public as it becomes available at When you receive notice for your individual appointment time, you will learn the location.

How do I register/sign up?

For those who would qualify in Phase 1, your employer should have registered you in that group, and you should have received a notification to choose whether to opt-in to take the vaccine at this time. For health care employers in Seward County who have not yet registered their employees, they should contact Seward County Health Department at 620-626-3369

For those who would qualify under phase 2 or later, we will announce future enrollment processes as they become available for the next priority groups. If you will be in Phase 2, you may use the form below to be put on the waiting list.


Covid-19 Vaccine Waiting List


Locations and who they are serving 


 Healthcare workers and employees


 Long Term Care Residents and Employees

Genesis Health

Assist in County wide distribution.

Seward County Health Department

 Emergency Responders, Healthcare,

Essential workers and General public,

when the time comes.